Hellooo! I’m Morgan Taylor! And thank you for listening! I help you through your weekday mornings  on 103.7 Lite FM and then on Kissin 99.3 during the midday hours.  SO a little bit about me......WELL I like all things entertainment, like movies, music,   trashy news magazines, and of course the reason why I am writing this....radio. I went to Columbus High School and recently graduated from Columbus State University.  I fell in love with radio at 16 when I was an explorer with the Q. After a year and half I got my dream job as an on air radio DJ. Man oh man I love it, and the people I interact with everyday. Especially our listeners, you guys, always keep me on my toes. So I’m  pretty ADD, actually extremely, it's taken me a hour to write this little bio, and I have gotten distracted abut 5 times, because The Walking Dead is on, and I’m a absolute fanatic! I mean I just.... (See that was me about to go on a rant about zombies). With that being said, I always love a good laugh, meeting new people, and trying different things. And food!  I’m obsessed with Chinese food. So you like zombies or Chinese food, we just became best friends. I love food and cats. I also love music, any genre, anytime. Oh and if you ever have any recipes you wanna share send me an email, lets cook something up! I love this town and traveling is my favorite thing to do, so basically I feel like I'm writing for an online dating site, We love our friends and always love to make more!

So thanks again for tuning in, we have the best listeners around, YOU are the reason why I do what I do, so a big thank you! Well my fingers are spazzing and I need to edit this little paragraph due to all the grammatical errors, but again, thanks for listening!
See ya on the radio...... ;) 


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